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Creamy Frankfurters “Karapuz”

High Grade Cooked Frankfurters
ТУ У 15.1-24447183-001-2004


About company


Meat-processing factory was founded in 1998. 

During this period  the products of the enterprise  won the buyers recognition in the Ukraine and abroad.

The enterprise is outputting products under the following trademarks:

     ТМ «Alan» ("Average plus" price segment);

     ТМ «Spets Tsekh» ("Premium" price segment");

     ТМ «Nashi Kovbasi» ("Average minus" price segment);

     ТМ  "Fitness Format" ("Average plus" price segment).

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The primary objective of the enterprise lies in assurance of high and stable quality of products. In it's turn, the use of fresh meat raw material complying with the requirements of the State Standard GOST is a basis of product quality. 

A special-purpose state-of-the art equipment from the world-known companies is installed at the enterprise with the operation of innovate technologies making it possible to output the highest-quality products with the improved shelf-life.  The stringent control of upholding all standarts is exersised at all production stages.

Our products are certified and provided with the documents confirming their quality: veterinary certificates, conclusions of sanitary and epidemiological examination, certificates of conformity, quality certificates, and GMO test reports. The High Quality Standards of LLC "Alan" were proved by ISO 22000:2005 Certificate (International Organization for Standartization) - the Highest International Award in the Area of Business and Technologies.


The enterprise is outputting more than 150 kinds of products. The products are made per groups: cooked, semi-smoked, cooked-smoked and uncooked smakod sausages, frankfurters, deli-meat and other products. 


Multiply diplomas and awards got at the All-Ukrainian and International Exhibitions and Contests are the characteristic of the high quality.