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Products of TM Fitness Format

“Fitness format” sausages are made only of lean types of beef and chicken or turkey fillet, in combination with a small amount of spices. No pork and pork fat are used in these sausages, so you can now derive the benefit and pleasure from eating.

The main advantage of “Fitness format” sausages compared with the sausages of the other well-known brands is the reduction of fat and calorie content as much as 2 times.

For example, the ordinary cooked sausage under the name “Doctorskaya” has the calorie content of 250 kcal (with fat content of 22 g), lean cooked beef – 187 kcal (with fat content of 19 g), while caloric value of “Fitness” cooked sausage is 130.3 kcal only (with fat content of 9.9 g). Therefore, “Fitness” cooked sausage can easily replace even the lean cooked beef.