The standard of true taste

Cooked smoked sausage first grade

Salami “European”

ТУ У 15.1-24447183-005:2009

Ingredients:  100% raw meat (beef tendon removed first grade, sausage back fat, pork tendon removed semifat, chicken fillet tendon removed) salt, lactose, antioxidant, phosphates (stabilizers), conservation agent, flavor enhancer,  natural spices ( ginger, garlic). spices extract (black pepper), color fixer (sodium nitrite).

Nutrition per 100 g:
proteins – 13,4 g
fats – 49,3 g
calories – 497,3 kcal


casing packaging weight, kg shelf life, days
belkozin vacuum packaging ~0,700 30 days
belkozin vacuum packaging 1/2 ~0,350 20 days