The standard of true taste

Smoked-baked sausage high grade


TS U 10.1-24447183-018:2020

Ingredients: first-grade trimmed beef, nitrite curing mix, complex mix (dextrose (corn, wheat), stabilizer (Е450), edible table salt, taste and flavor enhancer (Е621), flavoring (hydrolyzed vegetable protein (corn, rape), edible table salt, sunflower oil, extracts of spices (black pepper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, chili, garlic), complex mix (acidity regulators (Е262, Е331, Е500), glucose syrup (corn, wheat), thickeners (Е407А, Е412, Е415), antioxidant (Е301), complex functional mix (thickeners (Е407А, Е412, Е415), stabilizers (Е450, Е451), glucose syrup (corn), taste and flavor enhancer (Е621), table salt, sand sugar, antioxidant (Е316), acidity regulator (Е 516), extracts of spices (black pepper, garlic), smoke flavor (Hickory), complex mix (acidity regulator (Е262, Е330), table salt, antioxidant (Е300), spices and kitchen herbs mix (table salt, natural taste and flavor enhancer (yeast extract, flavorings (meat, beef), extracts of spices and kitchen herbs (nutmeg, lovage, onions, garlic, vanillin, carrots), heat treated flavoring agents (meat), antioxidants (Е260, Е307, Е330), natural smoke flavor), natural dye (edible table salt, dextrose (corn, wheat), carmine (Е120).

Nutrition per 100 g:
proteins – 16,5 g
fats – 18,4 g
calories – 292 kcal

belkozin vacuum packaging  ~ 0,500 45 days