The standard of true taste

Products of TM Spets Tsekh

Back in XX-th century the leading meat factories of the country had set up special shops for manufacturing of premium-quality products exclusively for the elite. “Spets Tsekh” ТМ revived the taste and quality of those special sausages.

“Spets Tsekh” trademark is the taste of meat products remembered from our childhood. They came from the era when milk was really milk; bread was the genuine bread and sausage meant, actually, meat! When priority was given to quality, taste, and naturality.

Today “Spets Tsekh” is an ideal combination of fresh Ukrainian meat, experience and recipes of domestic producers approved by several generations of consumers, and the most advanced European technologies.

“Spets Tsekh” sausages are the best of the best, representing quintessence of the knowledge and skills of professionals of “Alan” meat factory. Our product is unique and we are truly proud of it!

“Spets Tsekh” means the products for real gourmets, for those who can appreciate the GENUINE product and distinguish it from imitation.